Decorating Certificate of Appreciation Template

Gloomy days seem to bring everyone down in terms of their mood, no matter what institution you are at. We all would like to see the sun shining out brightly so that we can go out to do the enjoyable tasks, even if that is even to go outside. Though, there are quite a few holidays that come around. Perhaps on the next gloomy day, you could challenge anyone and everyone to a card decorating contest! All of the bright, vibrant colors should allow you to cheer everyone one up! After the cards are done, perhaps giving out an award certificate for the best card would help.

You don’t need to go through the hassle of creating your own certificate, considering that there is a Card Decorating Certificate of Appreciation Template ready for your use! The benefit of using this template is so that you do not detract from the overall contest either! Not to mention that whoever wins the card decorating contest means that they have visual bragging rights until the next contest!

best decoration award certificate template

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