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Get Certificate Templates ©:

Every content on including every image, downloads and content are the property of Get Certificate Templates. All the rights are reserved by Get Certificate Templates. So please do not try to copy or misuse our content. You can only use our content by following our License Agreement.

Microsoft® Corporation:

We hereby conform that Get Certificate Templates © is not associated by Microsoft® Corporation. And Get Certificate Templates © is working according to the usage policy of Microsoft® Corporation. Please read the following details:

Microsoft ® Corporation Trademark using policies:

Get Certificate Templates © will only use the Microsoft® Corporation trade mark according to the usage policy of Microsoft® Corporation trade mark. Moreover if we use the term “Word” or “Template”, we are not pointing to the Microsoft® Corporation products. And these terms are also not registered trademarks of Microsoft ® Corporation. For more clarification please visit Microsoft® Corporation Trademark usage policy.

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Using Microsoft Office ® Products:

We are not violating any copyright policy of Microsoft ® Corporation. We distribute the documents which are designed by using Microsoft Office®. And according to the heading of Spreadsheets and Databases and PowerPoint Decks, we can distribute it and do not violating any policy.

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Graphics factory:


We may use the images of © to design the templates. And all the images are under the license of © We have an active membership and using these images within the Licensing Agreement. We can provide the Licensing information on demand only to ©

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