If you do believe that any information posted on this Get Certificate Templates is in infringement of any copyright, you may send us a form of notification about it, and make sure to include all pertinent details about it. This includes all facts that are relevant to it from the get-go. This will serve as the notification of copyright infringement.

A Copyrights Notification Guidelines Should Include

Get Certificate Templates does respect and recognize third-party copyrights in full. It is our policy to respond to any and all notifications, which are about copyright infringement, as is established by necessary applicable regulations. After notification of compliance with these Guidelines is received, Get Certificate Templates in question may either remove or choose to disable access to any material that is allegedly being infringed upon or decide to adopt such further action this is at our discretion and is appropriate. This may be to disable the account of the user in full. When deciding to take such measures, Get Certificate Templates may try to contact the party who posted the content, in the event said party does want to make any form of statement that he or she may seem as being appropriate according to the applicable regulations.

Any copyrights infringement notifications must follow the requirements that are listed here. They are:

  • It must contain the handwritten signature or electronic signature of the individual submitting the notification.
  • The identification of the allegedly infringed upon copyrighted material, or multiple forms of copyrighted material, must be included in a list as well.
  • Identification of all said materials, which are being alleged to have been infringed or copied, is something that must be documented, so it can be removed or access to it disabled. Information must be sufficient to warrant Get Certificate Templates locating the information.
  • There must be sufficient information to permit Get Certificate Templates to get in touch with the complaining party. This information should be an address, telephone number, and, if available, an electronic form of email address as well.
  • A statement from the complaining party that contains a good faith belief in it that the material is not authorized by the copyright owner or by the law itself.
  • A statement, revealing that the information in the notification is very accurate and true in detail.

Get Certificate Templates will make sure to follow through with all procedures that are provided to them by the applicable regulations. This is to ensure that compliance with all copyrights is met and followed through with to the letter. When proper notification that does comply with the conditions defined above are met, the Get Certificate Templates will remove or disable all access to any infringing material right away. The Get Certificate Templates will not always send a confirmation on the removal or disabling of the infringing material.

Any statements by the party who allegedly did post the infringing content must also be in full compliance with the requirements that go along with copyrights notifications. Please do note that you may become liable, should the material infringe on third-party rights. This is why if you are totally unsure as to what it is what, you do need to seek the legal advice of an attorney or other legal source.

Get Certificate Templates Copyright Contact Information

[email protected]

If you do believe that the party who did post the infringing material is no other than a reoffending publisher. You may decide to facilitate the Get Certificate Templates any relevant information to verify this and take any other corresponding measures that are needed.

Should any of these above requirements not be met or fulfilled all the way. Said copyright infringement notification may not be valid in essence.

Thanks so very much for your cooperation in this matter.

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