Refund Policy

Get Certificate Templates provides premium templates in Microsoft® Word format compatible with version 2007 to the latest version of Microsoft Word. Get Certificate Template is not responsible if you do not have this software, and there will not be any refund or return.

24 Hours Warranty: Get Certificate Templates will give 24 hours warranty on purchased certificates which starts with the time of purchase. You can claim the refund within 24 hours hour of purchase if you are facing issues other than mentioned below. Otherwise, there will not be any refund after 24 hours of purchase.

Get Certificate Templates is not responsible for issues on the user’s end that includes download issues of certificates, Fonts issues or any software error issues. There will not be any refund for any of these conditions.

Downloading Issues: Sometimes, you may not be able to download your purchased certificates; it is usually due to your system configurations. It can be an antivirus or firewall or any other software which is preventing the files from downloading. Sometimes it is due to the browser cache and cookies. In this case, you can email our support team to send you the purchased certificates over email as attachments or resend you the purchase links so you can download the certificates. However, there will not be any refund if you are unable to download your purchased certificates.

Fonts Issue: You may also face some font issues in your system. If your certificate does not look like in the preview of our website, then it means you do not have the required fonts installed on your computer. Please visit our help desk to resolve this issue as it is also a user’s end issue, so there will not be any refund. However, you can email our support team to help you resolve this issue.

Software Errors: If you see some kind of error messages while opening the certificate in Microsoft® Word, then it probably means that your software is either corrupt or outdated. In this condition, there will not be any refund. However, you can contact our support team to see further into this matter.

Return Policy

Get certificate templates only provide digital templates, which means you can download the files directly into your computer. You can edit and print these certificates at home or at a commercial printer. GCT does not provide or ship any hard copy of certificates. Therefore there is no return or exchange of any certificate that you purchased and downloaded into your computer. But if you are facing issues mentioned above, you are welcome to contact our support team. They are always happy to help you out.

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