How does premium certificate template work?

You can read our quick guide to learn that how our premium certificate works.

Which type of file will I receive at the download of purchased certificate?

You will receive a Zip file at the download of your purchased certificate. You need to unzip it to get certificate files. You can unzip it by using Windows zip extractor or using any zip software.

In which type of file will I receive the certificate?

You will receive 2 type of files after unzipping the downloaded certificate. The first type of file is Word Template which is editable and can only be opened with Microsoft Word. The second type of file is in PDF format which is not editable and can be opened by any web browser and can only be printed.

Do I need a software to edit the certificate?

Yes, you will need Microsoft® Word to open and edit this certificate. Our certificates are only compatible with Microsoft® Word and not compatible with any other software.

Do I need to install any specific fonts?

Yes, you may need to install some addition fonts if you are experiencing the dismissing of design. We use different fonts and effects to design our certificates. Sometimes it is possible that your computer does not have installed those specific fonts. Once you have downloaded and installed those fonts into your computer you will find the certificate perfectly as in preview. In this tutorial we will guide you how to download and install fonts.

What can I edit in the certificate?

You can edit any text written in the certificate. You can delete the existing text and write new text in it. You can change the font styles and color of fonts. But you cannot edit the background design.

Can I edit the background design of certificate?

No, you cannot edit the background design of certificate. In every certificate template, you will find a beautiful background image. The copyrights of these designs are reserved by Therefore, these images cannot be copied even someone tries to do so. These images can’t be used for commercial use through a local market or online resources. For more info about the policy, please, read the Licensing Agreement.

Can I get any support in the editing of certificate?

Yes, at our Help Desk, you can read many articles related to the common issues. If help desk does not resolve your issues then you can email us at [email protected] for any support related to the editing and modification of certificate.

What are refund policies of Get Certificate Templates?

You can read our refund policies at Terms & Conditions page. You will accept these terms and conditions at the time of purchase. You cannot download our certificates without accepting our terms and conditions. Any refund request will be processed under our described terms and conditions.

Are there any usage policies of these certificates?

Yes, you can read our usage policies briefly at user license agreement. At the time of purchase a user agrees with our license agreement and he is bound to use our products under the license agreement. Using our products besides the license policies is strictly prohibited.

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