Tattoo Gift Certificate Template

Anchor Themed Tattoo Gift Certificate Template

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For those that want a tattoo but may not have enough money to get it there is hope with the upcoming holiday season. A friend or a loved one can purchase a gift certificate for a tattoo shop. The shop can download a tattoo gift certificate template and customized it for their customers.

This certificate allows a person to put money towards the purchase of a tattoo. They can fill in the dollar’s amount to cover the cost of the tattoo or put a specific amount of money towards paying for the tattoo. The name of the shop can be typed onto the certificate as well as the address and contact information. They can add additional information such as hours, website address, or any other relevant information. This gift certificate template can be filled in for each customer and will allow the tattoo shop to be more appealing to the needs of their customers.Tattoo Gift Certificate Template

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