Tattoo Gift Certificate Template

Antique Style Tattoo Gift Certificate Template

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Nothing says Happy Holidays or even Happy Birthday like a certificate to get a tattoo. Now tattoo shops are understanding the popularity of gift certificates and are offering them to their clients. A person can purchase a gift certificate for a tattoo shop and now there is a template for the shop to fill out.

This certificate states that it is good for one tattoo. It then has space to fill in the name of the recipient and the person that is giving them the gift. There is a space for someone at the tattoo shop to sign and verify it as well. The gift giver pays for the tattoo ahead of time and then gives this gift to someone they know would love some ink as a gift. This certificate is a great gift for those that have alternative interests and enjoy getting tattoos done. The certificate can be customized for every customer requesting one.

Tattoo Gift Certificate Template

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