Bundle of Joy Gift Certificate Template

Bundle of Joy Gift Certificate Template

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Babies are very special bundles of joy, and they deserve to be treated as such. However, what there is to gift nervous, expecting parents? What about the baby’s gender? What about the tastes and desires of the new family? Or is it more than one? Fortunately, the customizable Bundle of Joy Gift Certificate takes care of that: it strikes the heart of the matter, leaving new parents the total choice to finish their baby registry (and spoil themselves in the process!) Blue and pink combine in sweet and eye-pleasing fashion with superimpose by a caricaturesque drawing of a baby sucking his or her thumb and carrying a bottle and a blanket. Above the drawing, a heart is inscribed with congratulations and an eye-catching display of letters for the baby, leaving more than enough space to write the gift-er, the giftee and the date. Why not celebrate the arrival of one of the Earth’s most beautiful creations with the customizable Bundle of Joy Gift Certificate? Visit our gift certificate template gallery for more beautiful certificates.

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