Christmas Certificate (Smoke Black)

Christmas Certificate (Smoke Black)

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Christmas Certificate (Smoke Black)

Just like the ‘Merry’ certificate above, this one is also great for gifting loved ones during the Christmas festivities. It is similarly structured along the same lines as the certificate above.


Unlike the certificate above, this one is more family-centered as opposed to Christmas-centered as is the case with the one above. It is therefore great and handy at showcasing to your family that you care for them and that they have a special place in your heart. Below is a breakdown of its parts:


It is in this slot that you jot down the name of the intended recipient.


Here, in this line, you jot your name as the sender of the certificate.


To make it appear official and great, you definitely have to append your signature. Do so along this line.


Finally, you may also opt to monetize the certificate. This entails imprinting a monetary value at the designated voucher position. Do this only if you plan to have the value redeemed for money later.


Please note that you may edit the contents of the templated easily by use of the Microsoft Word. You should hence not shy away from utilizing it for you your presents and gifting. Get hold of it as soon as you can!

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