Christmas Hangings Gift Template

Christmas Hangings Gift Template

in Certificate Templates

That special time of the year has arrived and it means looking for gifts for those special people in your life. Gift cards are a great treat but they sometimes come off as a little too unpersonal, dampening the spirit of the gift and the holiday. You can change that with this Jingle Bells Christmas gift certificate template, creating something new in the process. It allows you to personalize your gift certificates and make them special as they were meant to be.

The Jingle Bells Christmas gift certificate template can be edited so that you can add your name as well as the person you want to give it to. You can even change the font so that their name and yours stands out a little differently. Than you can add the name of the store or denomination of the gift, even both if you like, in the middle of the gift certificate.

Christmas Hangings Gift Template

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