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Spelling Busy-Bee Award Certificate Template

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Brighten up your super speller’s day with the Spelling Busy-Bee Award certificate. No spelling bee is too difficult for your gifted pupil. Super spellers are hard to come by, so when a pupil of yours holds his opponents up to shame, it is your duty and privilege to show that little champion just how much this victory meant to the school and to you. The ‘Spelling Busy-Bee’ title holder is more than the winner of a spelling bee contest. This brave young warrior has taken up a challenge and vanquished the opposition by his wits alone. This spelling bee award certificate template is a lasting reminder and acknowledgement of the cleverness and talent which sets this little winner apart from his/her peers. This certificate attests to the effort and dedication that went into securing the victory, as well as the hopes and expectation that you have for this brilliant youngster’s future.

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