Birth Certificate Template (Giraffe)

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Choose this Birth Certificate Template (Lion) to bring a smile to the new parent(s) of a new baby boy. This design template features two, baby giraffes, one in each bottom corner of the template. There is also a baby footprint in a blue color that is positioned in each corner at the top of the template. This blue colored font is located at the top of the design. Add a special touch to the “This certifies that” part, which provides you the space to add the boy’s name to make this certificate complete. Add the baby’s birth date and many other criteria to complete this certificate. The blue-colored font of “Was born to part, the Weight” and Length” part, the “On” and “at” part, the “at” and “to” part as well as two signature parts to make this baby boy birth certificate a great way to share in the joy of new birth.

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