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Christmas Gift Certificate Hanging Socks Themed

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Take a look at this delightful Christmas gift certificate that not only reads “Merry Christmas” but it also has a design that is filled with traditional Christmas stockings! It is sure to make any Christmas gift recipient very happy! However, it goes beyond that, because this card also has many pragmatics uses as well. Here are some areas that will truly set this card apart completely:

Easily Customizable

This gift card may have $50 written on the side, but you can easily change that to any amount that you wish to give to your gift recipient. You also can write in any name that you want in the “from” and “to” fields as well.

Compatible with Microsoft Word

Considering that Microsoft Word is on millions of computer applications, it is important for this certificate to be able to work with it. And it does! All you have to do is download it to a .doc document and then you can adjust the parameters of the gift certificate according to your specific needs.

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    Word, PDF

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    Microsoft® Word

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