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Christmas Gift Certificate Snow Man Themed

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This is a Christmas gift certificate that will garner a lot of discussion. It’s definitely going to be very controversial. Some would love this and some, well, not so much. However, here are some of the advantages of this gift certificate design:

This gift card is great for non-traditional gift recipients.

Do you have someone who is a bit of a non-conformist? If you have a gift recipient like that, they will definitely enjoy being given this gift certificate. Perhaps the most appealing thing to them would be the stark lettering at the top.

This is a great design for those who enjoy snowmen.

Do you have someone in your family who likes snowmen? If so, this gift certificate will definitely strike a cord with them! The snowmen on this card are very sweet and charming, indeed.

Useful to pair up with real gift cards.

Finally, these gift certificates are as good as any at being paired up with other gift certificates. Just buy your recipient a $50 gift certificate to their favorite place and use this gift card to fill it in and they will love you for it!

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