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Christmas Gift Certificate Pink Themed Border

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If you are looking for a Christmas gift card certificate that evokes memories of Snow White and her friends Dopey, Bashful, Sneeze and many others than this is the piece of artwork for you! This card not only has a lovely pink border, but it also has four neat elves with purple, white, and gray heads. However, that isn’t all that this gift card certificate is useful for. Consider the following:

This gift card certificate is fully customizable.

The gift certificate might say that it is good for $50, but you can easily edit the amount for anything you like. You can change it to $25, $10, or even an odd-ball if you so desire!

This gift card certificate is fully compatible with Microsoft Word.With any computer program, one of the major selling points would always have to be compatibility with Microsoft Word, and this program has that. You can rest assured that you can fully integrate it with all of your Word programs!


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