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Editable Christmas Gift Certificate (Snowman)

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The Christmas holiday is a special time of year for both individuals and families alike. Chances are they will love this Christmas snowman gift certificate just as much. This is because it not only has a unique design, but because it also is fully compatible with Microsoft Word and is easily customizable.

First of all, under the “This gift certificate entitles you to [gift name/description]” you can write your own name for the gift card and what it enables your gift card recipient to be able to do. Secondly, in the “To” and “From” field, you simply write down who is giving the gift and the recipient of the gift respectively. The fact that you are working under Microsoft Word works means that you do not have to write under certain names, but you can write about all of them. The scare is truly the limit when it comes to this understand this Christmas Card designate.

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