Christmas Gift Certificate

A Trio of Cheery Santa’s Wish You a Merry Christmas

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This particular gift certificate template has a very cute looking design. There is a Santa smiling at you and making you feel joy because you are receiving a gift certificate from someone. You can see that there is space for writing the name of a person who is getting and the name of the person who is sending it. It is a $50 Voucher, which is great because you can do a variety of things in this amount. There is space for signature as well. The best part is that the text is customizable, which means that as per your requirement, you can easily change it. The Santa in the design of the gift certificate is carrying many gifts, and there is a fairy or a doll over it. A closer look at the background would show some images of the heart and other things. The overall design is simple and yet it is quite appealing.

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