Christmas Gift Tag Template Snow Themed

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This gift card certificate makes a lovely addition to your holiday festivities. It is designed with the viewer in mind. It has a picturesque, solid blue hue for a sky and several Christmas trees dotted on the ground. It also has three different gift boxes in ribbons with blue and red coloring. However, there is so much more to this gift card tag than just the design. Consider some of these unique attributes:

It is fully customizable.

One of the best things about this gift tag would have to be the fact that you can customize it. In the “To:” and “From:” fields, you can write just about anything you want. You can write the person’s real name, or you can even write a nickname they go by. It’s cool!

It works with Microsoft Word.

There is no question that for a program to be viable in today’s world, it has to work with Microsoft Word. In this case, these gift tags go hand-in-hand with Word!

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    Microsoft® Word

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