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Mint Colored Marriage Certificate Template


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The lovely colors of this certificate step away from the strict formality of black and white. The minty background and darker blue-green wording give a gentler, friendlier feel that in no way detracts from the importance of the event it represents: your marriage. Rather, the colors and patterns lend a sense of intimacy and balance that perfectly represents marriage. The border pattern is intricate and eye-catching. The decision to break up the border rather than make it solid all the way around allows for a soft look and adds visual texture and interest that will draw the attention of guests immediately. The lovely watermark behind the main body of words draws the eye to the most important part of the certificate, which is your marriage. This marriage certificate provides room for the names of the married couple, the time and place at which the ceremony occured, the name and credentials of the officiator, and the names of the two witnesses.

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