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This particular marriage certificate template (blue, gold) is available for download at the mentioned price and is compatible with MicrosoftⓇ Word. There is a file for PDF, Word. It is a beautiful marriage certificate template with blue as the background and font appear golden in color. The font is golden, which makes it appealing to the eyes. The design of the borders is quite appealing and it is also in golden color, which makes it appealing since it is over the blue background. A combination of blue and gold is giving this template an elegant and stylish look. A marriage certificate is an integral document and serves as a great reminder for the couple that this was the vital day in their life when they decided to spend their life together rather than staying as single beings. A marriage certificate is a reflection of the fact that two souls are united as one, which is why it is important to select the best template out there.

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    Word, PDF

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    Microsoft® Word

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