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Elegant Red Themed Marriage Certificate


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This light pink themed marriage certificate template is available for download. There is a price mentioned and it is compatible with MicrosoftⓇ Word. There is a file for PDF and Word. This particular marriage certificate template is quite simple in overall appearance and there is no design or pattern at the borders. Marriage is a sacred bond between two souls who decided to become one on a certain day. The marriage certificate mentions the day, date, and the year of the marriage as well. There is space for the names of the bride and groom. There is space for signatures, witnessed, officiated by, and so much more. Hence, it would be a great reminder of this special day and who had been an integral part to make thus marriage officially possible. This document is vital not only officially but also it would be a great memory to cherish for the rest of life.

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    Word, PDF

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    Microsoft® Word

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