Fill able Marriage Certificate Template Microsoft Word

Fillable Marriage Certificate Template

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Fall in love with this unique, modern spin on a timeless record – a marriage certificate. Steeped in a pale baby blue background and decorated with a contemporary border, this document makes a stylish declaration without distracting one from its gist. The single border pattern can be best described as a series of spruce green swirls and button shapes striped with alternating light and dark hues. The title, “Certificate Of Marriage,” is blazoned at the top in bold cursive lettering. Its main announcement states in block lettering the names of the couple getting married, the location where the marriage is legalized, and date. Blank spaces are conveniently embedded in the script for personalization.  The couple are also given the opportunity to sign the marriage certificate and provide the names of two witnesses and the officiator. At the bottom, the authorizer may pen his or her name and signature, sealing the sweet deal.

Fill able Marriage Certificate Template Microsoft Word

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