Formal Marriage Certificate Template (Golden Edge)

Formal Marriage Certificate Template (Golden Edge)

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There are various designs of the marriage certificate that a couple may choose. The model will also be a part of remembering this critical day in their lives. Some components make up for most of the marriage certificate. Below is a review of a design of a marriage certificate.

Title; the title’s design is in italics and it is readable.

It has a golden edges chain-link background.

It has a presentation line just below the title. The font size is small and italicized.

The purpose of the awarding is clear and precise that is the unification in the holy bonds of matrimony.

It has a rectangular, golden brown border, with beautiful floral patterns in every corner.

It has the description part; the place of the event, the recipients or parties involved the issuer where the person officiating the event put his details, the signature of the couple, witness and date data.

It has blank lines to be filled by the participants.

It is a perfect design to mark the events of that memorable day.


Formal Marriage Certificate Template (Golden Edge)

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