Gray Swirls Gift Certificate Template

Gray Swirls Gift Certificate Template

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The simple yet elegant look of the gray swirls gift certificate makes it useful for a wide range of businesses looking to make a favorable impression on their customers. The design of the certificate is timeless and can be molded for the unique needs of the user. The artwork is neatly wrapped around all four corners, freeing plenty of space in the middle of the document for information to be written or printed. The artwork is neither contemporary nor old fashioned. The floral design provides a decorative flavor yet is not overly ornate or distracting to the purpose. The layout gives the title of the certificate prominence on the page while fitting nicely between the border designs. The gray swirls gift certificate template can be edited and customized for many types of uses.

By using a formal font, the gift certificate can be used to accurately represent expensive merchandise and high-end business transactions. Use of a more basic font can provide a fancy yet appropriate look for an average business. The availability of different colors further enables the user to fit the “Classic” gift certificate design to suit his unique needs. Get more gift certificate templates by exploring out the category.

gray swirls gift certificate template

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