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Here are the steps that we will and can guide you on how to use these certificates properly. In every certificate template, you will find a beautiful background image. These designs are copyright by professionals and are reserved by If you try to copy the images, sorry but you can’t. The reason is the images can’t be use for commercial purchase through a local market or online. For more info on the policy, you would have to read the Licensing Agreement.

When you download the template, a zip file would pop up. After you unzip the file, a Word Document will come up that makes the templates are an easy edit. The best recommendation for the best compatibility are Microsoft Office 2010® to Microsoft Office 2016®. After you open the template, both the background image and the texts will appear. The texts are editable. All you do is double click on the selected work you choose and the program will go to edit form. The details can be written easily. With this program you can do a lot like, changing font styles and colors and drop info. As long the program suits your needs, the easier your work becomes.

After completing the modifications you can print it by using the Ctrl + P shortcut. A good recommendation is to check the print preview in the File menu. If it looks good in the preview file, then you can go on and print. When you download free templates, work can be done quickly within a few minutes.

Here’s a short review of how to use guide:

– Read the Licensing Agreement before you use the program.

– Download the file and leave a feedback.

– Unzip the file.

– Read the readme file.

– Install the fonts (If missing any).

– Open the Word Document on Microsoft Word®.

– Use Microsoft Word 2007® to Microsoft Word 2013® version to open file.

– You can’t change background image.

– You can change written text by clicking on selected text.

– You can delete old texts and draw in new texts.

– You can change font styles and colors.

– Check modification after print preview.

– You’re done after printing.

-Have fun with your download!

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