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Make Your Christmas Traditions Now

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Christmas is on the way, one of the happiest times of the year. It is made more so because most people are off from work or school and can spend this time together. Each year families renew and add to their holiday traditions. Here are some ideas to consider to make your holiday fun for all.

Make a List and Check It Off

To make sure everything is done and on time, a great idea is to start a Christmas to do list. This way you know where you are in the preparations and what needs to be done. To Do List template is a great tool to put your list together. Plus you can easily print lists for everyone, and up dates whenever they are needed. It really helps to have everyone on the same page, and you will be “checking it twice.”

Learn to make a new holiday food

Learn to make some holiday foods together. Whether this is cookies, which are fun to decorate, roasting a turkey together, or simply making a special salad, it is easy to start holiday food traditions. Have someone keep track of the family favorites and rotate the preparation each year. If you want to avoid the eating until I am stuffed syndrome, you could have a desert and drink event to show off your cookies or spread your food events out throughout the day.

Discover a new part of the world

Many families have a tradition of taking a trip together or visiting a local holiday site. Still others might attend a play or a sporting event as a group. This event can be less than a day or several days in length. The idea is to greet and spend time with your friends and family in a unique way on the holidays. Some families have a cabin that they like to go to or a take a cruise. Traditions don’t have to all be at home; some families do better together when they don’t have to deal with the ordinary problems of living every day.

Explore new decorations

Having yearly decorations can easily establish some joyful traditions. Obtaining a Christmas tree can be a family adventure. Choosing and preserving decorations can become a family history event. Everyone can take a hand in decorating for the holiday; this is not an age limited tradition. Shopping for decorations can also become a tradition; choosing ornaments or wall hangings can be a family event.

Rediscover the Joy of group participation

Many groups have traditions around readings from religious texts or other traditional stories. Some families enjoy acting out various scenes from past holidays. Along this line, singing or watching a traditional movie or video together is another great family tradition to start. Some games are good for family participation; try to choose games that will work for your whole group. Sometimes playing in teams is helpful and don’t forget outside games such as tag, soccer or football. If you live in an area where it snows on the holidays, a group snowman build is a fun idea.

Religious ceremonies are part of holiday traditions

Another tradition is having your friends and family attend a religious service of your choice. For those who don’t usually attend, these services are usually extra beautiful this time of year and have lovely holiday features. For those that are not religious minded, they can focus on spending the time together as a family. This can be an issue if you have family members of multiple faiths, but maybe members who can’t attend can make hot chocolate or some other snack at home for the rest of the group. This does not need to become a new source of argument.

Giving gifts that you make yourself

While money can be a problem from some family members when it is gift giving time, a gift of self is always useful and lovely. Using our gift certificate template, you can make up individual gifts from each family member. Thing to be awarded can include a night of babysitting, helping out with a household chores, a day together in the city, a walk in a favorite park, or trip to a movie or play. Some family members might produce certificates awarding the purchase of a college textbook or application in their honor. Whatever the choice, giving a personal gift each holiday is an easy tradition to start. Many groups have the family pick names around Thanksgiving so they can get started on their choice.

In the end, anything your group picks can be a holiday tradition. Start with one or two, and you will most likely find that the number of traditions will slowly grow and evolve through the years. Your holiday will build to be about the best of everyone.

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