Marriage License Templates

Marriage Certificate/License Templates (Microsoft Office)

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This marriage certificate displays all the common information associated with a license of this sort. It shows spaces for the bride and groom’s names as well as blank spaces for the place and the date of the ceremony and indicates that the couple are united in the holy bonds of matrimony. It provides signature blanks for the bride and groom, the witnesses of the ceremony, and for the officiate over the ceremony underneath the place and date stamps. At the bottom of the certificate, the authorizing personnel is indicated along with a blank for their signature as well. This certificate sports a simple line design with a type of fleur de lis in the upper right and lower left corners. The color of the design is a deep purplish-blue. The certificate is framed with a simple line box in said color with an inner set of three lines on the inside framing the wording of the certificate.


Marriage License Templates


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