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Marriage Certificate (Orange Borders)

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This marriage certificate template beautifully keeps record of a couple’s union. Flushed with a soft tan background and crisscrossed by fine gray lines, the marriage certificate declares “Certificate of Marriage” at the top in enlarged, elegant cursive with a dark orange hue. The template states in delicate, light orange cursive, “This certifies that ___ & ___ Were United In The Holy Bonds Of Matrimony At ___ On the ___ Day of ___ in the year ___, Signatures ___ & ___, Witnessed ___ & ___, Officiated by ___.” The bottom of the document provides blank spaces for the authorizer’s name on the left and his or her signature on the right. A thick, dark orange border frames the entire document, with a thinner interior line adding a second border. Fanciful decorative ornaments adorn the four corners of the marriage certificate while another thick, dark orange line creates a final third border around the template.

Download Marriage Certificate Template

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