Flowers design marriage certificate template blank for Word

Marriage Certificate Template (Blue Lilly)

in Certificate Templates

This marriage certificate has a modern feeling with a tropical flair. Set on a cool white background with a delicate quilting pattern, the document’s design is rendered in a striking royal blue and a golden yellow. A scalloped, wavy border lends the certificate a retro, groovy air. At each corner, a bright, hibiscus-like flower motif is complemented by a matrimonial ring around its stem.

At the center of the page, “Certificate of Marriage” is written in a bold cursive font. The variation in line weight suggests hand-lettering, an effect which plays in thematic harmony with the stylized, ink-like drawings at the side. The document’s title is further set off with a thin, contrasting border. The remainder of the text is written in a pleasantly contrasting cerulean, and in a smaller font. Spaces are left for the location, time, day, month, and year of the marriage ceremony, as well as for the full names and signatures of the spouses, witnesses, and officiant.

Flowers design marriage certificate template blank for Word

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