New Marriage Certificate Template (Royal-Gold)

Marriage Certificate Template (Royal Gold)

in Certificate Templates

This design is a landscape shaped design, and golden in color, with identical golden shining flowers at the top and bottom of the certificate. The background of the certificate has a faint and unique color design, which is slightly darker towards the left and the right, and lighter at the center. The wordings written in calligraphy is short, precise and specific to the occasion. From the top of the certificate and downwards, it contains space for the names of the couple at the top. It is followed by the special message of the certificate named ‘Were United in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony’ then the marriage venue space. The date of marriage is indicated below this. The space for witnesses’ signature follows and finally, name and signature of the ceremony officiator. The certificate is well spaced and clear. For those who love shouting colors, this is the best golden bright certificate for you.

New Marriage Certificate Template (Royal-Gold)

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