Marriage License Template (Photo Frame Size)

Marriage License Template (Photo Frame Size)

in Certificate Templates

This design consists of a short portrait-shaped back and white certificate. The certificate wordings are surrounded by beautiful looking vintage flowers, which are black and grey in color. The wordings and arrangement are just similar to most marriage certificates, with the names of the couples at the top of the certificate. This is then followed by the main message of the certificate labeled ‘Were United in The Holy Bonds of Matrimony’. Below this special message contains the space for the venue where marriage takes place, then the marriage date follows. Witnesses’ names signatures space then follows, and most importantly, the space for name and signature of the ceremony’s officiator is allowed, who could be a pastor or a magistrate. This design is ideal for those who like it cool. That is, non-shouting colors, medium in size with clear and legible wordings, with moderate spacing in between the lines and information contained.

Marriage License Template (Photo Frame Size)


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Printable Marriage License Template for Word

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