Merry Christmas Gift Certificate Template PR

Merry Christmas Gift Certificate Template

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For the people that are hard to buy for a gift certificate will make a great gift. Over the last couple of years gift certificate have become popular. Now a business can download Christmas gift certificate templates off our site and customize them to fit the needs of their business. This Marry Christmas gift certificate template has a red background with a candy cane wrapped in a ribbon. There are small snowflakes around the candy cane. The gift certificate allows for personalization as well.

There is a space to write in the date that it is being issued and the certificate number for easy tracking. Under this a person can write or type in the name of who is being given the certificate. A person then write in what the certificate is going to be used for and where it is valid at. A person who is given the certificate fill in their name. There is even a space where the company can put their official logo or stamp.

Merry Christmas Gift Certificate Template PR

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