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Writing Thank You Message after Receiving Gift

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After receiving a gift form a person, it imperative that you should write back to them and show your appreciation for the gift. The words will show the individual that you value their kind gesture.

Writing a thank you note after receiving a gift doesn’t have to be complicated; you only need to know the right words to use and the format. The examples below indicate what you can include in a thank you note or card. You can mention the following when appreciating for the gift:

  • Write on how you felt after receiving the gift.
  • Specify why the gift matters to you.
  • Thank the individual for their generosity, thoughtfulness, and consideration.
  • Share a positive attribute of the giver.
  • Express goodwill for the individual as you close the note.

Considering the above points as you write your note will make sure the message reflects your thoughts and feelings. It’s essential to note that you don’t need to write a lengthy message—be brief and to the point. If you find difficulties in writing the thank you note, rely on samples to make you work easier.

Short thank you messages for gifts

By reading these sample messages, you can get an idea of what to write. Some of these messages are specific for certain occasions, while others are general.

General messages:

  • It’s exciting to know you understand what I like though I have never told you.
  • Thank you for picking perfect gifts for me.
  • I thank you for such a thoughtful gift; from this, I know that you are a true giver.
  • Thank you for your generosity. You challenge in your choice of gifts.
  • You are simply amazing. I love the gift!

Thank you, messages, for wedding gifts:

  • Thank you for your generosity during our wedding. We appreciate the gift.
  • I’m lucky to have friends like you; what a gift!

Thank you messages for birthday gifts:

  • Much thanks for the thoughtful gift. You made my birthday memorable.
  • Thank you for taking the time to celebrate my birthday. The gift was lovely!

Thank you messages for baby shower gifts:

  • I’m right to say that you have a taste for baby gifts. Amazing!
  • Thank you for showering us with incredible baby gifts.

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